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notes 1123 - 23 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Caliphate...

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23 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Caliphate and Ulama: when either became more powerful, the other would weaken therefore they reached an agreement to keep the balance, however this caused a meshing of the two positions and thus religious heads and state heads became closely related in the last 200 years there have been the most political changes because of the religious intellectuals in the Sunni world in the Shi'ite world, there is a separation between the two which has led to many revolutions led by the clergy against the government caliphate was an institution that had theoretical foundation that those who advocated it knew what they were talking about most of those who speak of caliphate today have no idea of what a caliphate was, they just want to go back, but the caliphate was often at the head of their time their definition is very regressive and quite reactionary at best they want to defeat the West some want to become the West employ similar techniques and outputs of the Western struggle using a term without understanding the meaning of the term in history desperate expression of frustration This classification of social classes was perhaps on the reasons that dynasties lasted as long as they lasted in the Islamic world. Dynasties lasted for 500 and 600 years (Umayyids and Ottomans). Thanks to the social groupings that placed people where they should be placed. Quite often people stayed within their social classes, not because of lack of social mobility, but because that was how society could remain stable and the family could keep its profession. The system worked for two reasons:
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notes 1123 - 23 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Caliphate...

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