notes97 - ◦ Asma al-Husna ▪ infinite numbers of names...

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7 September 2010 Religion 161 PAPER: 10 – 15 pages of paper any format citation references and bibliography religious point of view, the religious aspect Avicenna Ibn Sina: as a scientist who has to prove everything I cannot prove this experience as physical, but as a person of faith I do accept that. The Five Pillars of Islam: Shahadah the foundation of Islam Tawhid: oneness of God La illaha illa Allah (There is no God but Allah.) no other reality but God Muhammadun Rasull'Allah Muhammad is his messenger any Muslim repeats these two commandments before they can become a Muslim The Islamic God: God is both masculine and feminine majesty, power (masculine quality) beauty, nature, divine mercy (feminine quality) You cannot know God: God is transcendent Tanzih God is imminent Tashbih
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ Asma al-Husna ▪ infinite numbers of names for God ▪ through these names Muslims relate to God ▪ al – Basir: the all-seer ▪ al – Sami: the all-hearer ◦ Master – Servant relationship with God ▪ labbayk: I am at thy service. ▪ God remembers us first and thus we remember him. God loves us thus we love God. ▪ God does not love anyone who does not love his prophet ◦ Very personal relationship with God ▪ do not need to go to anyone to repent your sins • God is based on love and mercy ◦ it is the nature of good to be merciful ◦ God is absolute good ◦ the gate of forgiveness and repentance is open to all because there are no limits to God's mercy • understand the soul of the prophet ◦ the soul of the prophet is present in daily Muslim life...
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notes97 - ◦ Asma al-Husna ▪ infinite numbers of names...

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