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notes831 - Africa over long periods of time in the 18 th...

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31 August 2010 Religion 161: Intro to Islam Term Paper: 14 pages “exploratory” paper in a month have a topic keep it focused and find a narrow topic area HISTORY OF ISLAM: missionaries play an important role in the spreading of Islam I. Goldziher After the second world war, Islamic studies begin in the USA. 6 or 7 million or 2.2 million Muslims in the USA? The Islamic World: Islam began in the desert with groups of nomadic tribes who spread to the north. They defeated parts of the Byzantine Empire and spread across the Christian provinces. They defeated the Persian Army with unbelievable odds against them and they spread into the Persian plateau. Took generations. ~ 300 years Islam spread across Northern Africa into Spain. From the Indus River all the way to the Pyrenees. Spreads among the Turks. Islam spreads to China and Indonesian through central Asia – sailors and traders coming from the Persian Gulf. Spreads to Africa along the coast quickly but later came into
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Unformatted text preview: Africa over long periods of time in the 18 th and 19 th centuries. Came along the Western side of Africa, much more than the Eastern side. Spread of Islam in Africa still continues. Rwandan genocide: Tutsis massacred by the Hutus with the help of Catholic priests. Islamic Zones: Arab world is only part of the Islamic world. * Arab world is special because of the holy places not because it holds the largest populations of Muslims. Islam was revealed to an Arab. Sarazen: most likely Syrian 1.3 – 1.5 billion Muslims, .3 billion Arabs ZONE ONE: Persian Gulf to Mauritania • the Arab World ZONE TWO: Iran to * Farsi Dari Tajik are the same language * • Persian Zone ZONE THREE: Pakistan to Kazakhstan and East Siberia and China • most wide spread of all the zones ZONE FOUR: India • largest number of Muslims ZONE FIVE: Indonesia...
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notes831 - Africa over long periods of time in the 18 th...

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