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notes 129 - 9 December 2010 Religion 161 Islam F uture of...

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9 December 2010 Religion 161: Islam Future of the Islamic World: Islam in the Modern World by Nasr Napolean invades Egypt: the heartland of the Islamic world had not been lost for hundreds of years only years before, the Islamic world had been among the strongest in the world suddenly things began to turn around because of political and military weakness Cairo, one of the greatest cities in the Islamic world was invaded responses: Islamic world would be eclipsed by enemies because of the revelation – there are always millennial, age, etc. explanations for things in societies based on religions (Mahdism) these people represent modernism and bring with them worldly power and if we want to keep our independence we have to join them (modernism) the Koran has said that if you turn agaisnt religion God will punish you and that's what happened – Wahhabi Salafi movement advocated this (fundamentalism) Each of these groups had their own followers In the 19 th century the Islamic world was witness to the confrontation between these groups. In the fundamentalist world, the strongest movement was the Wahhabi movement which swept the Arabian peninsula the Salafi movement (comes from the word ancestor and they mean going back to what has come before) – opposed to Islamic Art, philosophy, and sufism – mostly a sunni trend and against shi'ites in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi movement found its heartland commited genocide against the Shi'ites salafism spread into other parts of the Islamic world Muslim Brotherhood was another group of extremists founded by Hasan al-Banna stong in the Persian Gulf region, Kuwait, and sometimes in Syria there are still some in Beruit modernism came from French and English people coming into the Miuslim world Germany slightly influenced Turkey a little separted Lebannon from Syria and the French became prevalent there and in Northern Africa
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English were prevalent in Egypt after Napolean was defeated and India Persia in order to not be overrun by the British sided with the French; wanted to be against the British and the Russians patchy relationship between various forms of modernism, which was not all geographical sociological changes also came through this colonization
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notes 129 - 9 December 2010 Religion 161 Islam F uture of...

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