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notes 127 - 7 December 2010 Religion 161 Islam W ithin the...

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7 December 2010 Religion 161: Islam Within the Islamic, one of the most important developments that took place was after the Revolution of 1917, was the first communist party in the Islamic world was in Iran: Tudeh (Mass) Party. Was in sharp conflict with the religious world mostly small, intellectual associations in the Arab world a good number of these currents came from modern, educated intellectuals and within the domain of Islam, this was also true along with new interpretations coming out of university there also came some currents by individual religiously-orientated members of this class these took two branches: fundamentalism (classical) and modernizing The Ottoman state, which finally came to an end in 1921, had adopted an interesting policy. The sultan ruled in the name of Islam but also in the name of all the non-Muslims in the empire. While this empire began to decline, there is a distinct loss of intellectuals during this time, especially compared to the Arab world and Persian world. Turks did not like to write in the domain of politics and they preferred to write in the military sections – there are only about 2 or 3 Turkish intellectuals who wrote treatises on politics. Even those were influenced by those before them and not so creative; there were some allusions here and there to others, but mostly their writings were influenced by Persian concept of kingship and religion. In this way, they did not know how to address the new problems according to Islamic state. More and more it was the element of Turkishness that came up rather than Islamism. Turkish intellectuals/army officers began to think more and more in terms of Turkishness rather than Muslimness. Some of the earliest reactions to the crisis the Ottoman Empire was facing came from this direction and that is why there is nothing like the movements that spread across the Arab world. All of these took place within a system that had inherited the institutions of the Ottoman state, especially the military institutions. So the new suggestions were coming
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notes 127 - 7 December 2010 Religion 161 Islam W ithin the...

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