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notes 119 - 9 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Islamic...

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Unformatted text preview: 9 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Islamic Art: Until a few decades ago, there were no museums of Islamic Art in the Western World. Western Scholars of art, did not accept Islamic Art as a subject. It took a lot of effort to finally make this category acceptable in the West. 1976 exhibition held at the Hayward Gallery led to the accepting of the category of Islamic Art. The Islamic World is created when art is dying a society. The original world museum was a school established to teach philosophy, came from Greeks. Museum itself is a result of the death of Art. Cairo Museum of Islamic Art was created in the center of the city and that was first museum of Islamic Art in the world. Islamic Art: philosophical issue art is created on the basis of ethnic genuis and creativity or art as a direct expression of the the world view that dominates over a civilization, usually a religious thing based on the religion of the civilization (Buddhist Art in Japan, Christian Art in Byzantium) Gothic Art didn't exist before the coming of Christianity in Europe. Churches in Greece where the actual stones that make the church were taken from old Greek temples, and there is nothing more different than a Byzantine church from a Greek temple. Islamic Art, in the second category of philosophical reasoning of art, is a distinct form of art which is related directly to the message of Islam. It is as important to the understanding of Islam as is the Shari'ah. The Art of Islam is a book written about the Islamic Art: What is Islam? Author said, Islam is to stand in the mosque in Cairo. It is not accidentally related to Islam but is related in principle. Before creating philosophy, law, society, religions create art. Ruining the art is the same as changing the Islamic Law. When you see Islamic art, the first thing that strikes you is that there are no statues or human representations. Aniconic art means that there are no representations of people considered sacred....
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notes 119 - 9 November 2010 Religion 161: Islam Islamic...

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