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notes 114 - 4 November 2010 Religion: 161 SUFISM: Sama the...

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4 November 2010 Religion: 161 SUFISM: Sama – the dance: complete oneness with God moving counterclockwise in order to reach the primordial state black robe symbolizes worldly attachments and when one takes that off they have the white robe underneath to symbolize the heavenly attachment women's participation is allowed women's participation in Sufism is much more hidden than that of men mostly because of cultural considerations segregation of men and women as done in the prayers in not because they are less but because of “other factors that must be taken into consideration” Pseudo-Sufism: tries to detach Sufism from Islamic tradition and Islamic religion grew in the Islamic world despite of Islam if anyone claims to have reached a station where they are not held to these religious duties, then they are affected by pride there is also a perception occaisionally seen that Sufis who have reached a certain station are exempt from certain religious duties the Prophet of Islam performed his duties until his death; therefore every Muslim is held to the same standards any genuine Sufi and Sufi master, no matter how high his/her station may be, always observes all religious duties they perform these duties until the last minute of their lives Sufism is an essential part of Islamic revelation. If it had not been for Sufism, most likely Islam would have remained a religion of the desert (without any artistic or creative aspects). ISLAMIC ART: Until very recently, 30 or so years ago, art historians, especially in the West, did not believe that something called “Islamic Art” exists. They saw whatever artifacts existed in the Islamic world were done because the Muslim artists did not know any other types of art. This argument was also applied to other parts of Islam, including philosophy. Islamic art is totally independent of any outside influence except Islamic revelation. Not only is Islamic art Islamic but it is also the real representation of the idea of Tawhid. In terms of Islamic art, forms are even more important because forms are a path toward a higher meaning. Represent the message of divine unity – this is mission, function of Islamic Art. Every tradition once it establishes itself and especially after the departure of the Prophet of that
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notes 114 - 4 November 2010 Religion: 161 SUFISM: Sama the...

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