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midterm study guide - I slam M idterm Study Guide H istory...

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Islam Midterm Study Guide: History of Islam - Beginnings nomadic tribes in the desert of the Arabian peninsula who spread to the north (Quraysh tribe) defeated parts of the Byzantine and Roman Empires defeated the Persian army and entered the Persian plateau took about 300 years Spread into Africa still continues today 18 th and 19 th Centuries it spread across the northern part of the continent Rwandan genocide conflict between two groups, one of which was supported by the Catholic priests Zones of the Islamic World Prophet - Born in 570 to the Quraysh tribe both of his parents died by the time he was seven or eight left in the guardianship of his uncle who was a respected elder grew up in Mecca, spent his summers in the desert Summer of his 9 th year went to a Bedouin tribe while he was playing one day two angels came down and removed the blood clot from the center of his heart, symbolizing the removal of the human state and the infallibility of the prophet after this experience, until the age of 40 he spent much of his time meditating in the mountains outside of Mecca At the age of 40 (about 610) heard a voice asking him to recite, it was Gabriel the prophet was illiterate but he repeats the revelation that Gabriel reveals to him his wife recognizes that he's a prophet Muhammad experienced this multiple times over the next 23 years these revelations were put together in the Koran Around 620 – 622 Muhammad comes out of hiding and introduces the world to Islam using his followers who had been with him while he was undercover sought refuge outside of Mecca from the many assassination attempts 622 (the first year in the Islamic calendar) Muhammad leaves Mecca and heads to Medina on the night of his flight, an assassination attempt was planned, but they hid in a cave and
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midterm study guide - I slam M idterm Study Guide H istory...

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