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URL: www.ilovethetexasrevolutionandsodoyou.com Which person is Sam Houston? Click to win a land grant in Texas!!! In the year 1821, the Spanish owned land Texas (tay – hahs) was filled with 4,000 Tejanos . Because the mission system was beginning to decline, Spanish wanted more settlers in Texas. They tried to get people to come by offering huge amounts of land, but nobody was coming. Moses Austin decided to try to make a colony in Texas. Between 1821 and 1827 , Austin got 297 families. The colony was a huge success. By 1830 , the population was at 30,000 people. There were six times as many Americans as Tejanos, and there was much tension between them. Americans did not like following Mexican laws. They also resented that Spanish, which many did not know, was the main language. Tejanos didn’t like being with the Americans also. They thought that the Americans thought they were superior. Because of so many Americans, many people wanted to revolt against the Mexican government
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Unformatted text preview: and become part of the United States. Afraid of revolt, Mexico closed Texas to American immigration and made Texans pay taxes. The government also sent out Mexican troops to watch over the area. When General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna , the president of Mexico, heard from Austin that if changes were not made they would revolt, it was war. The Texas army was tiny and small. Sam Houston headed it. The major battle was the Battle of the Alamo . Because Texans ran out of ammunition, they were all killed. Many Texans fled eastward. Houston’s army though grew in size as Tejanos joined. In the next battle, the Battle of San Jacinto , Houston killed half of the OTHER STUFF Games • Defeat the Mexican Army as fast as you can! • Matching! • Color in pictures and connect the dots Pictures Other sites • Texas State Information • After the Texas Revolution • Important Events in U.S History How many people have visited this site before you: 8 2...
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