The Triple Entente

The Triple Entente - 2. Britain recognized Morocco as...

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The Triple Entente Members 0. 1. French Third Republic 2. Empire of Russia Great Britain Reasons for Entering 0. Britain felt threatened by Germany as Kaiser Wilhelm II planned to create German empire and develop strong control over the seas, which was Britain’s domain. 1. Britain could make use of Japan to check Russian aggression in the Far East, her fear of Russian colonial expansion lessened. 0. After Anglo-Japanese War, Britain looking for a European ally. Turned to France (enemy of Germany) 1. Queen Victoria (grandson Kaiser Willhelm II) preferred Germany but when she died, Edward VII preferred alliance with France 2. Signed Entente Cordiale, a friendly agreement not official alliance 0. Settled old colonial disputes (Siam, West Africa, Madagascar etc.) 1. France recognized Egypt and Sudan as British
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Britain recognized Morocco as French 3. Both would support each other if their respective spheres were challenged France 2. Primarily, a continental security apparatus 3. France had been looking for alliance ever since the establishment of German Empire, however, Bismarcks foreign policy isolated France. (Great Britain tried to remain neutral) 4. Created Franco-Russian alliance in 1894. Supposed to remain in place as a counterbalance to the Triple Alliance. France had floated huge loans to Russia helping diplomatic strains. Russia 0. Feared the power of Germany, which was supporting Russian adversaries 1. Wanted to counteract Austria-Hungary aggression (after annexing Bosnia & Herzegovina). Afraid they would annex Serbia and Montenegro so Russia pledged an alliance with Serbia Sharon Barazani & Steve Chang...
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The Triple Entente - 2. Britain recognized Morocco as...

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