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Rebecca Passage - is getting compared to the late Rebecca...

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Rebecca Passage “ ‘Tall and dark she was,’” he said. “ ‘She gave you the feeling of a snake. I seen her here with me own eyes…I looked in on her once,’” he said, “ ‘and she turned on me, she did. ‘You don’t know me, do you?’ she said. ‘You’ve never seen me here, and you won’t again. If I catch you looking at me through the windows here I’ll have you put in the asylum,’ she said. ‘You wouldn’t like that, would you? They’re ruel to people in the asylum,’ she said. ‘I won’t say nothing, Ma’am,’ I said. ‘She’s gone now, ain’t she?’ he said anxiously.” Pg. 154 To refute (show the other side of) When our main character arrives at Manderley, she feels like she
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Unformatted text preview: is getting compared to the late Rebecca. She learns that everybody loved Rebecca. She was sociable, beautiful, charming, graceful, and even sporty. Our main character is none of those, and therefore, she has very low self-esteem. When she hears Ben, who is retarded, talk about this cruel, snake-like woman, she doesn’t even realize that it’s perfect Rebecca. Because Ben was only an “idiot”, Rebecca didn’t feel the need to act the way she did with everybody else so she showed her true colors. So while everybody in the story and the reader seems to be fooled into thinking that Rebecca is a goddess, this passage shows the other, truthful side of her....
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