Rebecca Passages 1-30

Rebecca Passages 1-30 - woman who thinks she’s better...

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Rebecca Passages Sharon Barazani 1. “The things we have tried to forget and put behind us would stir again and that sense of fear of furtive unrest, struggling at length to blind unreasoning panic-now mercifully stilled, thank God- might in some manner unforeseen become a living companion, as it had been before.” Pg. 5 2. To foreshadow. 3. The main character is saying how the past always comes back. She is foreshadowing that whatever past people have tried to forget is going to come back. 1. “But I never dared ask Mrs. Danvers what she did about it. She would have looked at me in scorn, smiling that freezing superior smile of hers, and I can imagine her saying: ‘There were never any complaints when Mrs. de Winter was alive.’” Pg. 8 2. To compare and to characterize. 3. If the main character were to say anything, this woman would have compared her to the more perfect Mrs. de Winter. Also, we see a Mrs. Danvers’ character. She is a snobby
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Unformatted text preview: woman who thinks she’s better than everybody else, and she’s very nasty. 1. “…while men, with large relief, would realize they could sink back into a comfortable chair without offending courtesy. It was a surprise, therefore, to find that this new-comer remained standing on his feet, and it was he who made a signal to the waiter. ‘I’m afraid I must contradict you,’ he said to her, ‘you are both having coffee with me’; and before I knew what had happened he was sitting in my usual hard chair, and I was on the sofa beside Mrs. Van Hopper.” 2. To characterize and to introduce. 3. The first thing we know about this new-comer is that he is not like other common men. He is actually nice to the main character who is considered to be inferior. He is probably a friendly, caring man judging by his behavior....
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Rebecca Passages 1-30 - woman who thinks she’s better...

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