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Rebecca Passages 2 - cup when I was in the morning-room...

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Rebecca Passages Sharon Barazani “ ‘No, you see,’ – she paused, frowning a little looking at me uncertainly—‘she resents your being here at all, that’s the trouble.’ ‘Why?’ I said, ‘why should she resent me?’ ‘I thought you knew,’ said Beatrice; ‘I thought Maxim would have told you. She simply adored Rebecca.’ Pg. 100 To emphasize The purpose of this passage is to show two things. To start out with, the main character is pretty clueless about everything. She doesn’t know anything about Manderley, her husband, or Rebecca. There are many secrets hidden, but nobody, especially her husband, explains to her. Second, this passage shows how Rebecca was loved and how the main character isn’t. Everybody eulogizes Rebecca, and they make her seem like a goddess. Meanwhile, the main character is dull and pathetic compared to perfect Rebecca. “ ‘I meant to tell you before, but—I forgot. The fact is I broke that
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Unformatted text preview: cup when I was in the morning-room yesterday.’ ‘You broke it? Well, why the devil didn’t you say so when Frith was here?’ ‘I don’t know. I didn’t like to. I was afraid he would think me a fool.’… ‘Don’t be a little idiot. Anyone would think you were afraid of them.’ ‘I am afraid of them. At least, not afraid, but…’ Pg. 140 To characterize Unlike Rebecca, the main character is a shy quiet person who obviously doesn’t like confrontations. But most of all, she has extremely low self-esteem. Anybody else wouldn’t have cared what Frith thought. She’s even thinks she’s below the people who are her housekeepers, which again shows her bad self-image. She’s trying to stay under the radar where nobody will notice her. Rebecca wanted to be the center of attention, while our timid main character hates it....
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Rebecca Passages 2 - cup when I was in the morning-room...

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