Rebecca Passages 30-100

Rebecca Passages 30-100 - 2. To explain 3. Although the...

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Rebecca Passages Sharon Barazani 1. “Once more I glanced up at her, and once more I met her eyes, dark and somber, in that white face of hers, instilling into me, I knew not why, a strange feeling of disquiet, of foreboding.” Pg. 72 2. To foreshadow. 3. The main character is getting a bad omen from one of the characters. This is probably a foreshadowing that this dark character might do something horrible. 1. “I did not know why she must speak with such an undercurrent of resentment, implying as she did at the same time that this room, where I found myself to be installed, was something inferior, not up to Manderley standard, a second-rate room, as it were, for a second-rate person.” Pg. 74
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Unformatted text preview: 2. To explain 3. Although the main character is now married to someone of higher social status, the author wants to make sure that the readers know that the main character is not of very high status. 1. I love bathing. As long as the currents are not too strong. Is the bathing safe in the bay? Nobody answered, and I realized suddenly what I had said. My heart thumped, and I felt my cheeks go flaming red. I bent down to stroke Jaspers ear, in an agony of confusion. 2. To emphasize 3. Something obviously happened with the bay that makes it a very uncomfortable situation. Although the author doesnt tell the reader why, this bay is important....
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Rebecca Passages 30-100 - 2. To explain 3. Although the...

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