Rosaura's characteristics

Rosaura's characteristics - with a firm step.” Through...

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“It will be the most lovely party in the whole world…” In the short story, “The Stolen Party” by Lilian Heker, Rosaura, a young girl, is overly excited to go to a party for her friend. After preparing herself to look good, she has a wonderful time. But right before she leaves, she understands she hasn’t been invited but rather employed. Although starting out confident and meticulous, this dynamic character has all positive feelings replaced with stony understanding when she realizes the truth. “Rosaura gave her starched skirt a slight toss with her hands and walked into the party
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Unformatted text preview: with a firm step.” Through Rosaura’s body language, the reader can infer from this indirect characterization that the girl is very confident. By walking in with a firm step, Rosaura proves that she is not shy and hesitant, but rather self-assured. Had she been uncertain even the slightest bit, she definitely would have been less flamboyant and not have swung her skirt. Obviously, Rosaura didn’t have any second-guesses about going to this party. Rosaura’s outgoing and proud manner clearly demonstrates her being self-assured....
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