Module 47 - Intro to Psychological Disorders

Module 47 - Intro to Psychological Disorders - Module 47...

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Module 47: Intro to Psychological Disorders Defining Psychological Disorders Psychological disorders: deviant (different from other people in one’s culture), distressful, and dysfunctional behaviour patterns. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): a psychological disorder marked by the appearance by age 7 of one or more of three key symptoms: extreme inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity. Understanding Psychological Disorders The Medical Model: the concept that diseases have physical causes that can be diagnosed, treated, and, in most cases, cured. When applied to psychological disorders, the medical model assumes that these mental illnesses can be diagnosed on the basis of their symptoms and cured through therapy, which may include treatment in a psychiatric hospital. The Biopsychosocial Approach: disordered behaviour, like other behaviour, arises from genetic predispositions and physiological states; inner psychological dynamics; and social-cultural circumstances. Classifying Psychological Disorders
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