Module 29 - Thinking

Module 29 - Thinking - Module 29 Thinking Thinking...

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Module 29: Thinking Thinking Cognition: the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating. Concepts: a mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas, or people. How we form concepts… Hierarchies: organize our mental categories into hierarchies to help us think about them. Definition: e.g. told the rule that triangles have 3 sides, thereafter we classify all 3-sided geometric forms as triangles. Prototypes: a mental image or best example of a category. Matching new items to the prototype provides a quick and easy method for including items in a category (as when comparing feathered creatures to a prototypical bird, such as a robin) - the more closely something matches our prototype of a concept, the more readily we recognize it as an example of the concept. e.g. bird: a 2-footed animal with wings and feathers and hatches from an egg. But people agree more that “a robin is a bird” than that “a goose is a bird.” Category prototype: when we place an item in a category, our memory for it later shifts toward the category prototype. e.g. shown a face 70% Caucasian, people classified the person as Caucasian and recollected the face as more Caucasian than it was. Solving Problems Algorithm: step-by-step procedure that guarantees a solution / a methodical, logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem. Contrasts with the usually speedier—but also more error-prone—use of heuristics . e.g. when finding another word using all the letters in SPLOYOCHYG, you try
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Module 29 - Thinking - Module 29 Thinking Thinking...

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