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MKT 401 Marketing Management Written Assignment 1 Due: January 31, 2011 via D2L The Role of Corporate Web Sites in Strategic Planning Corporate Web Sites This week we have been discussing Strategic Planning from Chapter 1 in the text. Every major corporation has a corporate web site. For the most part, the primary purpose of the corporate web site is to communicate what the company values and a description of how they intend to compete for their current and potential customers, investors, and channel partners. Because they are used to attract new business, corporate web sites are a good place to determine what a company feels is their mission and primary purpose. Consider the following two sites: IBM [ ] Ben and Jerry’s [ ] For this assignment, visit the corporate web sites listed above and look for the following pieces of business information, and then address the following questions: 1. Look for a statement of mission. What do these companies emphasize in their stated corporate mission? 2. Investigate their history and changes. What is the “theme” of the evolution of the company? Is this theme translated into their corporate goals? 3.
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marketing%20401%20assigment[1] - MKT 401 Marketing...

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