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Papers - Were the evacuations and relocations voluntary or...

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Papers Mandatory Multicultural Component Multicultural Component This assignment is mandatory and counts as one of the 2 papers you submit for your Gordon Rule component. The characteristics and historical experience of multicultural groups are central to all aspects of this course. The assignment designated as specifically assessing “multicultural understanding” will enable students to demonstrate that they can: apply the categories and insights about multicultural groups that they have learned in the course, 2) analyze significant groups, and 3) synthesize the material into a nuanced understanding of the multicultural nature of American society. Multicultural assignment: Japanese Internment Reading: Michael Les Benedict, 175-216 and appropriate class notes. (NO WEBSITES) Questions: How did the United States Government justify the relocation of Japanese- Americans during World War II? Did Racism play a role in their decisions?
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Unformatted text preview: Were the evacuations and relocations voluntary or forced? Were German and Italian nationals and U.S. citizens excluded from these same policies? If so, how? If not, why not? The multicultural grade for this assignment is determined by… 1. The student applied concepts about multicultural groups learned in the class: be sure to use terms and themes. (Subordinate groups, dominant groups, racism, prejudice, race, ethnicity, stereotypes) 2. The student analyzed cultures/ subgroups discussed in class: (Add specifics that directly relate to what is “white,” or “Asian,” and the differences between Anglican, Japanese, German and Italian ethnicities during the World War II era.) 3. The student synthesized the material by relating to general concepts or framework of the course: (Your conclusions and ability to state and describe the BIG picture.) Item Instructions for your Movie Review...
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