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Writing Hints for Students: An Informal Guide Come up with a thesis statement. This is the main idea that you will be arguing throughout the paper. It must be in the first paragraph and works best if it is the first sentence. When you are working on your paper, underline your thesis statement. Make sure each paragraph adds to your argument. Take out the underline on your final edit ! Do not use contractions. Do not write in first person. It is your paper and your grader can thus assume it is your thoughts being expressed. o Good: This paper discusses the different cultural aspects of antiquated warfare in the Prussian military and the Samurai of Japan. o Not-So-Good: In my paper I talk about Europeans and Asians and why they could not fight today because of technology. Spell check. It is as easy as clicking a button! Also, read you’re out loud paper this well catch what spell checking does not. (Did you catch that?) Use formal language.
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