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AML 3313 Extra Credit Paper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Completion of the extra credit assignment may add up to 10 additional points to your overall grade total. For example: if, at the end of the semester, I add up your grade and you have a score of 80 (B-), but you wrote a perfect extra credit paper, your grade will become a 90 (A-). WARNING: The amount of extra credit awarded will be based on the quality of the paper. $Q µ$¶ SDSHU ZLOO UHFHLYH ±² H[WUD SRLQWV³ D µ%¶ SDSHU ´ RU · H[WUD SRLQWV³ DQG VR RQ¸ Write a 6-8 page research essay based on the primary source you chose for Special Essay #1. The essay must include at least 3 secondary academic sources from either the library article database or from books. You must use proper MLA citations, formatting, and Works Cited. This is a formal, literary analysis and will be graded for completeness, thoughtfulness, development and support of a particular argument, as well as grammar, mechanics, and formatting. Essays should
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Unformatted text preview: present a clear, coherent, and specific thesis that is consistently and thoroughly developed. The focus of your paper should either be an application of trauma to your primary text, OR a comparative analysis of your primary text to a text we read in class this semester. Secondary sources must be professional and academic. Databases like SAGE, JSTOR, Project Muse, or the MLA Bibliography are acceptable and excellent places to acquire secondary sources. Book chapters are also very useful. Many good books can be discovered on Google B RRNV DQG WKHQ UHTXHVWHG YLD WKH OLEUDU\V ,QWHU/LEUDU\ /RDQ VHUYLFH ,I \RX DUH XQVXUH DERXW WKH credibility of a source, please ask me . Furthermore, if you are inexperienced in writing an academic research paper, I will be glad to walk you through the process. This link also provides a list of excellent trauma related sources: http://www.blogalice.com/trauma/?q=node/2 DUE DATE: NOON on DECEMBER 9 via SafeAssign. No hard copy necessary....
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