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BE Syllabus S11 - Economics 3933: Behavioral Economics...

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Economics 3933: Behavioral Economics Spring 2011 Professor: John Hamman Class Times: MWF 10:10am – 11:00am (BEL 204) Office: 262 Bellamy, 645-9290 Office Hours: MW 11:00am – 12:00pm Email: or by appointment Overview: This course explores the connections between economics and other social sciences, primarily psychology. Recent developments in experimental economics have seriously questioned several assumptions of the hypothesis of rational behavior that underlies virtually all of traditional economics. The rationality postulate works extraordinarily well when applied to many areas of ordinary market behavior and sometimes, perhaps frequently, in nonmarket circumstances. However, in many decision environments, individuals (and groups) often deviate from rational behavior in identifiable and predictable ways. The primary goal of behavioral economics is, therefore, to incorporate these systematic biases into more accurate models of economic decision making. Throughout the semester we will examine a variety of topics wherein behavioral economics enriches – but does not replace – standard economic models of rational choice. The course will be primarily driven by class discussion, with a midterm, homework sets, writing prompts and a final exam as complementary learning opportunities. Prerequisites : ECO 4101: A good understanding of intermediate microeconomic theory is expected and will be assumed throughout the semester. If you have not taken ECO4101, you should think very seriously about taking this class next year. Required Text : Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely Economics 2.0, by Norbert Haring and Olaf Storbeck We will be using many supplementary readings, primarily published research articles, to complement these books. We will be doing LOTS of reading . Class discussion will be based on the readings, so you must complete assigned readings prior to class! Grades
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BE Syllabus S11 - Economics 3933: Behavioral Economics...

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