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Topics for Final - The final will cover chapters...

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The final will cover chapters 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13. Here is a list of topics from each chapter. The final will focus on material from after the midterm but include material from before. Chapter 2: the properties of Extensive Form Games how to draw a game tree given a strategic situation the properties of Normal Form games how to come up with a normal form game from a strategic situation changing from extensive form to normal form, Chapter 3: Definitions of dominant strategy, strict dominance, weak dominance How to solve a game when players are rational Solving a game when rationality is common knowledge How to do IDSDS Definition of dominance solvable games interpreting IDSDS profiles Chapter 4: Definition of Nash equilibrium interpretation of NE as outcome when players are rational and have accurate beliefs about others’ strategies how to find pure-strategy NE in 2-person and 3-person normal form games (use the circle algorithm) if a strategy is dominant it must be used in NE NE is unique if all players have dominant strategy weakly dominated strategy can be in NE, the more a player suffers by deviating from a NE – the more stable the NE dominance solvable profiles must be NE NE must satisfy IDSDS Chapter 5: What makes something a symmetric game any permutation of a NE is a symmetric game is another NE coordination games (and many other games) involve many NE how to find a NE in an n-player game (come up with a profile of strategies and check to see if it a NE, if not see what you can do to alter it so that it is) selecting among NE: comparing the stability of NE, finding undominated NE, finding the payoff dominant NE *Chapter 6: Constructing a strategic game when strategies are continuous
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Topics for Final - The final will cover chapters...

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