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bfin sg - 15 Cash flow estimation and NPV/IRR 16 MIRR 17...

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1. Admin question 2. Birthday problem 3. Realized compounded yield 4. Stock price, expected dividend yield 5. Component costs of capital and WACC 6. EV, EVA, MVA, NPV, etc. 7. DuPont analysis 8. Ratio analysis 9. AFN – equation method 10. AFN – spreadsheet method 11. Regression analysis, forecasting, safety stocks 12. NPV, IRR, PB, PI, EAA, etc. 13. NPV, IRR, PB, PI, EAA, etc. 14. NPV, IRR, PB, PI, EAA, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Cash flow estimation and NPV/IRR 16. MIRR 17. Decision trees 18. Abandonment options 19. Investment timing options 20. Leverage, ROE distributions, basic statistics 21. Leverage functions (DOL, DFL, DTL) 22. Leverage, cost of debt, ROE, ROA, BEP 23. Capital structure, value of the firm 24. Restructuring with and without anticipation 25. Dividends...
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