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Project Proposal - park According to your current system...

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November 7, 2010 Jim Devine Clark & Co. Phone: 352-439-0078 Email: [email protected] Anirrudha Mukhopadhyay Department of Parking & Transportation Affairs University of Florida 201 Criser Hall Gainesville, FL 32611 Dear Mr. Mukhopadhyay As requested at the October 13 th meeting in your Gainesville office, Clark & Co. present the following proposal for addressing the need for a more efficient parking system on the University of Florida campus. The Problem With over 50,000 students, there is a shortage of parking spaces on the University of Florida campus. Not every student and faculty member can obtain a parking spot. Currently, for faculty/staff to purchase an annual parking decal it costs $1,014. Also, there aren’t many lots for students who live off-campus to
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Unformatted text preview: park. According to your current system, those who purchase a parking decal are not guaranteed a spot. Clark & Co. will evaluate the current parking facilities and determine the unmet demand for parking as well as propose detailed solutions. Assessing the Need for Additional Parking Conduct a survey to determine student and faculty satisfaction with current parking facilities Evaluate parking space to student ratio Determine locations available for new parking infrastructures Description of Plan What’s there What are we going to need How much more we need growth projection...
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