Team Report - Marketing is about the way a company can make...

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Marketing is about the way a company can make its product appeal to other individuals. One of the biggest fields of marketing is consumer behavior. Formally, this is the totality of consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and decisions about the consumption, acquisition, and disposition of goods, services, activities, and ideas. In other words, this is the way that a firm can understand customers’ thinking and manipulate the way customers reach decisions to a certain extent. In our study, we did just that. Our group wanted to conduct a blind product taste test to determine if brand recognition affects an individual’s preference for a specific sweetener. Various artificial and natural sweeteners were tested to help marketers understand consumers’ preferences for sweeteners. We filled Dixie cups with Publix brand unsweetened iced tea, and then dissolved the sugar/sugar substitute in. The three different types of sugar/sugar substitutes we used were Domino Sugar, Splenda, and Truvia. Domino Sugar is the traditional sugar that consumers have been using since 1900. It is a highly refined white sugar that will always be a staple because of versatility. Due to a rise in health consciousness, low-calorie sugar substitutes have become popular; we used two different sugar substitutes in our experiment. We used Splenda, which is also known as Sucralose. Splenda is made by adding chlorine atoms to sugar molecules, which results in a much sweeter sugar substitute. It is marketed as a no-calorie sweetener that you can bake with. The second sugar substitute we experimented with was Truvia. Truvia is a natural sweetener made by purifying extracts from an herb that grows in South America. It’s made from rebiana, the best-tasting part of a stevia leaf, erythritol, and other natural flavors. It was developed jointly by Coca-Cola and Cargill. It is promoted to be born from a leaf not from a lab. According to Dr. Katz, an M.D. and a nutrition columnist, Stevia has been widely used in Japan for the past several decades without any apparent adverse effects, but it just recently launched in the United States in 2008. It has no calories and tastes up to 400 times sweeter than sugar, but it
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can produce a slightly bitter aftertaste. We were excited to test this new product and to see how it would change preferences among sugar/sugar substitutes. Our fourth cup was a constant, which means it was filled with just unsweetened iced tea. Through this blind product taste test, our
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Team Report - Marketing is about the way a company can make...

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