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Legal Environment of Business – BUL4310 Syllabus, Spring 2011 © Robert W. Emerson, January 4, 2011 Warning: This Syllabus is neither a contract nor an offer, and the professor may alter it at any time. Professor: Robert W. Emerson, J.D. Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-392-8794 Office: Stuzin 227 Law Student Teaching Assistant Adam Hersh Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-392-8178 (voice mail) Office: Stuzin 212 Undergraduate Assistants Former BUL4310 students Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-392-8436 ext. 1305 (no voicemail) Office: Bryan 225 OFFICE HOURS Prof. Emerson: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:15 - 4:45 pm Law Student TAs and Undergraduate Assistants: Please see the course website for this information (to be posted second week of classes). ATTENDING LIVE CLASS The live class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Periods 6 & 7 (12:50-1:40 pm; 1:55-2:45 pm) in Bryan 130. Feel free to come to the live class, no matter what section you are actually enrolled in. That early in the morning, there will be room! Also, consider - in addition to the class lectures - the comprehensive, exam-oriented review sessions (offered by the professor and law students – see below), the assistants’ office hours throughout the day, the discussion board “threads,” and e-mail as well as the chat room; you have multiple avenues for asking questions and discussing anything on your mind. In fact, besides just watching lectures and reading on your own, this class, although large, offers students many opportunities to engage in participatory learning. . PREPARING BEFORE CLASS Class lectures proceed through the Law, Society and Business (LSB) text and the web-posted Supplemental Information sets. Before coming to (watching) the class, you should read about 12 pages ahead, per class period, in the LSB textbook. You will also find it helpful to read the notes from the prior class as well as read the relevant Barron’s text pages (see READING ASSIGNMENTS, below) that correspond to where we are in the LSB text. (In addition to the Readings, you should review the Barron’s end-of-chapter questions and study and practice via the LSB questions available online from the LSB publisher; this, along with the Readings and good class attendance and note-taking, are very helpful in doing well in this class.) To better understand lectures and take notes, you should review (not study deeply, but at least glance at to be familiar with) the Supplemental Information materials posted on the website. There are four sets of Supplemental Information materials, one for each of the four sections of the course (a “section” corresponds with the material for each of the four exams). As the lectures take place, we proceed in order through these Supplemental Information sets, just as we tend to follow the LSB in order. In a few classes, we may not discuss any of the items in the Supplemental Information text, and – at the other extreme – in a few classes we may deal with a large number of items (perhaps as many as a half dozen).
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