Ch.5 SG - Ch.5 Part 2 Lifestyles A type of psychographic...

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Ch.5 Part 2 Lifestyles- A type of psychographic analysis that looks at consumption, personal relationships, and leisure activities o DDB advertising surveys 5,000 men and women on 1,000 questions about health, financial outlook, raising kids, shopping, religion, hobbies, leisure activities, household chores, politics, and desired self image, products they use and media habits Group Identifiers- Common phrases of lifestyle patterns, but also refer to a set of products and the setting within which the products are used o Yuppies- young urban professionals Characterized as characterized as aspiring to an upscale lifestyle, so products associated with them are Cole Han shoes, Hermes scarves, and BMW cars o Yuppie puppies- yuppies children Yankelovich MONITOR Mindbase- a lifestyle tracking tool since 1971. o The mindbase tool uses the MONITOR database to identify groups of people with distinctive attitudes, values, motivations, and lifestyles. o Has identified eight general consumer groups that span the four generations of matures, baby boomers, Generation X, and echo boomers “I Am Expressive”- Lives life to the fullest; not afraid to express my personality; active and engaged “Live in the now” attitude: believes that the future is limitless and I can do anything I put my mind to “I Am Down to Earth”- Cruising through life at my own pace; seek satisfaction where I can; hope to enhance my life; I like to try new things: I treat myself to novel things.
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“I Am Driven”-I am ambitious with a drive to succeed; self possessed and resourceful, determined to show the world I’m on top of my game “I Am Sophisticated”- Intelligent, likes the finer things, high expectations; balance career with enriching experiences. “I Am at Capacity”- Busy and looking for control and simplification; a demanding and vocal consumer; looking for convenience, respect, and a helping hand; want to devote more of my time to the important things in life. “I Measure Twice”- Mature, like to think. I’m on a path to fulfillment; live a healthy, active life: dedicated to a secure and rewarding future. “I Am Rock Steady”-Positive attitude, draw energy from home and family dedicated to an upstanding life: listen to my own instincts for decisions in life and in marketplace “I Am devoted”- traditional; rooted in comforts of home; conventional beliefs: spiritual and content: like things the way they’ve always been: don’t need novelty for novelty’s sake or newfangled technology VALS- a system which categorizes consumers according to psychological traits that correlate to purchase behavior (originally developed by SRI International, a nonprofit research organization) o 8 groups that is categorized by three primary motivations (ideal, achievement, and self-expressions) Thinkers and believers are motivated by ideals-abstract criteria such as tradition, quality, and integrity Achievers and strivers are motivated by achievement, seeking approval from a
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Ch.5 SG - Ch.5 Part 2 Lifestyles A type of psychographic...

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