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Slide2 - Phyaice 1251 Unit 3 Seaaion 34 Perez-nearer with...

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Unformatted text preview: Phyaice 1251 Unit 3 Seaaion 34 Perez-nearer? with Pitch A permsetogwlst has two {tread}; xktex'moa/ chLe’i'nha/a. They ha we :‘o’entkba/ hxndamenta/hequene/eS, but one 115‘ 7:5 Mohee in chan‘ieter 5.x-1xtw’x’e the other is M Manes m d/an'2etex: £x’1fi‘7atrmzetbe tn...z'e Ei’bOUf the Mo :«7’ The 5’99.” cymbal mustbe about 15% thicker than the smallerone, since the frequencyis propo/tiona/ to the thickness and in verse/y proportional to the square of the diameter. ...
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