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Slide49 - Thermochcmistry The dependence cfA1.H on T...

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Unformatted text preview: Thermochcmistry The dependence cfA1.H on T: Kirchcfi’s law (Hi We know: Cp —[%J _[E) ; dH= C’PdT Heating a substance from T1 to T2 its enthalpy changes fromH (T1) to: T2 Hag) — H(T1)= [deT T1 This applies to each substance in the reaction, therefore: T2 ATHE'CTZ) = ATH" (T1) + [Arcgdr T1 = ATH" (T1) +(T2 —T])ATC: Where ArC: = 2V5 C33” 5 ...
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