psych 421- notes #24 - Freud and Psychoanalysis: - His...

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Freud and Psychoanalysis: - His biography The “Love doctor” father of modern psychology 1938- He was 81 years old: only recording he ever made of himself. His father was a Jewish merchant; his mom called him “Golden Siggy: - only one with his own room in the family; he studies language. 12 years old- he reads Shakespeare and spoke languages He kept a record of dreams- usually horoic dreams 1873 goes to medical school- neurosystem of the fish. 1884- he does cocaine research; he took doses of cocaine; he prescribed the drug to a friend and developed addiction to cocaine His other friend found out cocaine could be used as anesthetic for surgery.
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1885 he was an intern at hospital treating hysteria- he went to study with Charcot: diseases can be treated by ideas- by hypnosis. April 6, 1886- he opened his own medical practice- hypnotic suggestions to his patients DR. Boyer told Freud about a patient named Anna O. Anna O->Many problems and impairments in vision and speech- he noticed when
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psych 421- notes #24 - Freud and Psychoanalysis: - His...

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