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Wind_Energy_Essentials_Lecture 4

5 kv 60 hz underground heavy transformer 60 hz

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Unformatted text preview: 34 kV Cable at 34 kV 34.5 kV, 60-Hz Underground 34.5 kV, 60-Hz Underground 690V 690V © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 690V 690V 51 Curriculum Developed Power Electronics Electric Drives Teaching Machines as a subcomponent of Drive Systems Electric Drive fixed form Power Systems Bus-1 Bus-3 Pm1 Pe1 Bus-2 Pe 2 Features: Switching Power-Pole as the Building-Block Includes dc-dc Converters and dc-ac Inverters Feedback control of Converters Textbook Power Processing Unit (PPU) adjustable form Mot or speed / position Load Pm 2 Electric Source (utility) Sensors Controller measured speed/ position Power Signal Includes Topics such as - Applications: - Harnessing of Wind Energy Wi - Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles input command (speed / position) - Renewables/Storage HVDC, FACTS Voltage Stability Slides Solutions manual Textbook Textbook - Hardware Lab Lab - Slides Solutions manual Slides Solutions manual Software-based Lab: - MATLAB/Simulink, PowerWorld, EMTDC - Complete Lab on CD - 18 Short Video Clips Short Video Clips DSP-Controlled Lab - Course Learning Objectives Online Homework Problems - Course Learning Objectives Online Homework Problems - Course Learning Objectives Online Homework Problems Vendor: HiRel Systems Duluth, Minnesota Phone: 218-727-3115 Lab Manuals can be downloaded from: www.ece.umn.edu/groups/power © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 52 DOE Funded: “A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering” •82 Universities “These 82 schools represented about 25% of all the graduates in electrical engineering in 2008 electrical engineering in 2008.” © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 53...
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