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Wind_Energy_Essentials_Lecture 4

Mohan 2010 16 p and q i subcircuit 1 v subcircuit 2 s

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Unformatted text preview: V I cos IP S VI P Q 2 2 Q V I sin IQ © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 P P Power Factor= cos S VI 17 Three-phase Circuits: Ia V an V cn n V bn V ph Vcn Vca a Vb Vab 30 o ZL N c VLine-Line 3 V ph Van Ic Ib b Vbn Vbc P3 phase VLine Line 3 VI cos 3 I cos 3VLine Line I cos 3 © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 18 Clicker Question In a wind turbine, the generator is rated at 690 V and 2.3 MW. It operates at a power factor of 0.85 (lagging) at its rated conditions. Calculate the phase current. A. ~2264A B. ~3922A C. ~1307A © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 19 Per Unit: actual value value Per-Unit Value = base value base value © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 20 Effect of Real and Reactive Power VWF WF I jX L I VGrid VWF jX L VWF VGrid jX L I WF VWF I jX L I VWF VGrid VGrid VGrid VWF jX L I © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 VWF VGrid 21 I Power Transformers © Copyright N. Mohan 2010 22 Transformer Basics I1 V1 I2 V2 N1 turns of wire N2 turns of wire V2 N 2 a V1 N1 I 2 N1 1 I1 N 2 a V2 aV1 I2 I1 a © Copyright N. Mohan 201...
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