Wind_Energy_Essentials_Lecture 8

15 rads generator torque 8377nm wind 18ms vertical

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Unformatted text preview: ures • Model parameters for: – Onshore: 1.5MW WindPACT horizontal-axis wind turbine – Offshore: 5MW turbine • Simulink interface • Postprocessors, e.g. Crunch for fatigue analysis • Ability to remove DOF for simpler models • Ability to linearize model FAST Simulation Result Blade loads for steady wind speed (Rotor Speed = 2.15 rad/s, Generator Torque = 8377Nm, Wind = 18m/s, Vertical Wind Shear Coef.=0.2) 18 11/9/2010 Wind Turbine Models • Linearization—Used to obtain simpler models • Steady state oscillations (prev. slide) means we obtain periodic models • Several methods to obtain good time LTI models Linearization Methods • • • • Point linearizations (FAST [1]) Averaging (FAST [1], Stol, K., 2001 [2]) Floquet Theorem (Stol, K., Balas, M., Bir, G. 2002 [3]) Multiblade Coordinate Transformation (Bir, G. 2008 [4], MBC3 [5]) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Jonkman , J. M., Buhl J. M. L., FAST User’s Guide, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado (2005). Stol, K., Dynamics modeling and periodic control of horizontal-axis wind turbines, Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado at Boulder (2001). Stol, K., Balas, M., Bir, G., Floquet Modal Analysis of a Teetered-Rotor Wind Turbine, Transactions of the ASME (2002) Bir, G.,Multi-blade coordinate transformation and its applications to wind turbine analysis. AIAA– 2008–1300 (2008) Bir, G., User’s Guide to MBC3, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado (2008). 19 11/9/2010 Comparison of Nonlinear and Linear Models Blade tip response to 0.01 deg pitch angle perturbation (Simulations on reduced 5 DOF models: Tower 1st Fore-Aft Bending, Rotor Position, Blade 1st Flapwise Bending) Wind Turbine Control • Control strategies depend on the wind conditions • Wind Turbine Control – – – – Supervisory Control and Mode Logic Yaw Control Power capture at low wind speeds Rated power + Load reduction at high wind speeds • References – K. Johnson, L. Pao, M. Balas, and L. Fingersh, Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines, IEEE Control Systems Mag., June 2006. – T. Burton, D. Sharpe, N. Jenkins, E. Bossanyi...
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