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psych of personality feb 11

psych of personality feb 11 - Psychology of Personality The...

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Psychology of Personality 2/2/11 9:55 AM February 11, 2011 The Dispositional Approach - Henry Murray – ambiguous to what type of theorist he is During WWII, worked in DC - Analysis of the Personality of Adolf Hitler o With predictions of his future behavior and suggestions for dealing with him now and after Germany’s surrender o Also created ways to analyze applicants who wanted to be spies - (Murray) Personality consists of needs and related motives Needs are forces in the brain that organize perception, understanding, and behavior in ways that make life more satisfying (Biological – dispositional approach) Needs can be primary (viscerogenic) or secondary (psychogenic). o Primary = innate o Secondary = learned Needs can be measured more easily if they are manifest than latent (Freudian) o Manifest – can see outwardly in a person’s public behavior o Latent – below the surface; unconscious (psychoanalytic) Measuring manifest needs o
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