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psych of personality feb 16

psych of personality feb 16 - Psychology of Personality...

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Psychology of Personality 2/2/11 9:55 AM February 16, 2011 Behaviorism - Psychopathology Behavioral disorders occur because people never learned to behave properly, were taught improper behavior, or cannot control their behavior. Whatever the cause, treatment must focus on (re)learning correct behaviors There are several kinds of therapy based on classical conditioning o Example: aversion therapy - Social learning behaviorists Decline and fall of radical behaviorism o Started to disappear in the 1960s o Part of decline due to developmental psychology: In early childhood, irregular verbs are used correctly, but in later childhood a reliance on conjugation rules often leads to usage errors ! According to behaviorism, this shouldn’t happen because kids are not being reinforced to make those mistakes ! “I eatted an apple for lunch today” o Part of decline due to social psychology: In some situations, involving cognitive dissonance or self-attributions (internal mental processes), rewards actually make behavior less likely to occur ! Example: Lepper, Greene, and Nisbett (1973) – nursery school children were allowed to draw with fancy paper and colored markers.
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