psych of personality feb 7

psych of personality feb 7 - Psychology of Personality...

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Psychology of Personality 2/2/11 9:55 AM February 7, 2011 The Dispositional Approach - Behavioral Genetics Research Methods ! Family resemblance, mz & dz twins, adoptions, temporal stability, genetic scanning MZ & DZ twins o if a behavior is genetically based, the correlation will be higher for MZ twins than for DZ twins Family resemblance o Poor man’s version of a twin study o Find people that belong either to the same family or to different people " Give these people personality tests, then correlate the scores on the test and determine how much of personality is genetic " People in the same family should have higher correlations than if unrelated; furthermore correlation increases with a closer relationship in family (Example: father vs. cousin) Adoption o Find adopted kids (not genetically related to the people that adopted them) and determine if they are more similar to biological parents than to adopted parents o Children of criminals who are adopted have a much higher chance of criminal behavior than their brothers and sisters of their adoptive family Temporal stability – stability over time of personality traits o Find very young children and measure personality – rank
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psych of personality feb 7 - Psychology of Personality...

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