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cognitive psych lecture 1 - Cognitive Psychology Lecture 1...

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Cognitive Psychology 1/6/11 9:24 AM January 11, 2011 Lecture 1 – Cognitive Psychology: An Introduction Objectives : (1.) To understand what science is, and how science is related to the four other ways of knowing about the world. (2.) To understand what experiments are, how they are conducted, and the way in which the uniquely contribute to human understanding. (3.) To understand what cognitive psychology is, and how it is related to other branches of psychology. (4.) To understand the method of introspection and behaviorism, and how their limitations directly resulted in cognitive psychology, as well as the other historical factors that contributed to its development. Notes : I. What is cognitive psychology? To answer this questions, it’s first necessary to define “psychology”: A. Psychology – The science of mind and behavior B. Science – One of four different ways that we have to know about the world/reality Four ways of knowing Non-empirical o Authority ! Religion ! Most of what we know about the world is based on authority o Logic ! Deductive – come up with premises and based on those come up with conclusion ! Inductive – have observations that lead to conclusion Empirical – Known through experience/observation o Intuition ! Direct observation o Science
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Cognitive Psychology ! Draws upon other three ways of knowing about the world ! Science, more than anything, is a method to investigate the world Science begins with observation " theory " hypothesis " test hypothesis " do results support hypothesis? If yes " Run another experiment, if no " Create new / amend old theory A theory is a general explanation for a phenomena A hypothesis is a very specific prediction for specific information in a specific context
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cognitive psych lecture 1 - Cognitive Psychology Lecture 1...

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