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cognitive psych lecture 6 - Cognitive Psychology January...

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Cognitive Psychology 1/6/11 9:24 AM January 27, 2011 Lecture 6: Attention, Part II Objectives: (1.) To understand the theoretical issue of when input selection occurs. (2.) To understand the experimental evidence that it consistent/inconsistent with the different possible stages of input selection. (3.) To understand the different theories of input selection and how they are consistent/inconsistent with empirical results. Notes: - Attention as input selection Selectively enhance the process of some information at the expense of other information Visual vs. auditory selection o Visual: Attend to sensory information using eyeballs (motor movement) AND mentally select information that corresponds to attention o Auditory: Only mentally select information – no motor movement for humans How does this relation to the standard theory? o Standard theory: echoic memory ! STM "! LTM # Occurs between echoic memory and STM ? - When does selection occur? research has focused largely on auditory attention “cocktail party” phenomenon: When attending to one thing, somehow information from another channel can make it into STM and redirect attention o example: Focusing on conversation then hearing name called and shifting attention - Possible stages of auditory selection (Esynek, 1982): early (Type I) – Selection process is based on sensory analysis middle (Type II) – Auditory selection is based on linguistic (semantic/meaning-based) analysis late (Type III) – Conscious awareness
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cognitive psych lecture 6 - Cognitive Psychology January...

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