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cognitive psych lecture 5 - Cognitive Psychology January...

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Cognitive Psychology 1/6/11 9:24 AM January 25, 2011 Lecture 5 – Attention, Part I Objectives : (1.) To understand the metaphors used to describe visual attention, evidence consistent with each metaphor, and limitations of each metaphor. (2.) To understand the ways in which attention is a process versus resource. (3.) To understand the general operating characteristics of attention as a input-selection process. (4.) To understand the distinction between automatic versus control processes and how automaticity develops. Notes : - Attention Metaphors: o Attention is some type of process that is used to selectively enhance the processing of some information at the expense of other information o Attention is a type of mental resource – limited pool of mental energy that you can spend to process certain things at the expense of not processing other things - Attention as a process Attention exists on different levels: o Alertness/arousal: the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain adjusts attention in a gradual way ! Threshold: above threshold, you are awake; below threshold, you are asleep o Orienting response: orient your attention towards novel stimuli; evolutionarily valuable – novel stimuli have a tendency to be useful or dangerous ! Habituation/dishabituation – after a while you become habituated to the stimuli o Input selection: allows you to select information to process at the expense of other information - “spotlight” metaphor – Posner’s (1980) spatial-cueing task
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Cognitive Psychology Hypotheses: Thought that covert attention can actually be dissociated from overt attention; takes time to move covert attention from one stimulus to another; very limited capacity – like
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cognitive psych lecture 5 - Cognitive Psychology January...

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