Brief Baldwin and Civil Rights Chronology

Brief Baldwin and Civil Rights Chronology - Medgar Evers...

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Brief Baldwin and Civil Rights Chronology 1924 JB Born in Harlem 1942 JB Begins writing Go Tell It on the Mountain (age 21) 1948-57 JB Lives in Paris, Switzerland, and the south of France 1953 JB Publishes Go Tell It on the Mountain 1954 JB Publishes Notes on a Native Son 1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give her seat, Dec 1, Montgomery bus boycott ensues Emmett Till murdered, Aug 28, Medgar Evers begins investigation, Baldwin assists 1957 JB Returns to live in U.S.; visits the American South for first time 1962 JB Publishes Another Country (best selling book by date) 1963 JB Publishes The Fire Next Time , lectures widely on civil rights Martin Luther King, Jr. imprisoned in Birmingham, writes famous letter JB Meets with U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, May 24
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Unformatted text preview: Medgar Evers killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan, June 12 JB at March on Washington, August 28 [MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech] President John F. Kennedy assassinated, November 22 1964 Blues for Mister Charlie opens on Broadway, April 23 Civil Rights Act passes Congress after 54-day filibuster, July 2 JB Publishes Nothing Personal 1965 Malcolm X assassinated JB Publishes Going to Meet the Man JB Moves to Europe; lives there and in Turkey until 1967 1967 JB Begins working on movie script for movie about life of Malcolm X 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated, April 4 1972 JB Publishes One Day, When I Was Lost (film script “scenario” of Malcolm X’s life) JB Publishes No Name in the Street 1987 JB Dies of pancreatic cancer...
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