Final Paper Directions and Topics

Final Paper Directions and Topics - PAPER 2: RESEARCH...

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PAPER 2: RESEARCH BASED, THESIS-DRIVEN, CRITICAL ANALYSIS PAPER Length: 4-5 pages of writing with MLA-style in-text citations, plus cover page and Works Cited page (6-7 pages total) Due: Draft version due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, December 8 (for peer review) Final version due at the beginning of class on Friday, December 10 (our last class) Overview: After choosing one of the topics on the next page, write a critical analysis paper in which you investigate a series of questions (your topic) using your own thesis-driven argument, which is supported by research. The essay should emphasize close reading and analysis of stories, novels, or poems, and integrate only the most essential parts of your research in a way that advances your argument. You should choose your topic based on which one you feel you can answer the best with a strong argument supported by sufficient hard evidence from the text and from your research. You should discuss texts from the second half of semester (beginning with T.S. Eliot on October 18th’s class). How to Conduct Research: This paper is different from your first one, in that you will be conducting research in other sources that you will be integrating into your argument. Your approach to researching your topic will rely heavily on what your topic will be. Start with questions that you want to ask of the text. Then think of what you would like to find out to help you answer that question. This may involve looking through biographies, or guidebooks or encyclopedias to particular authors or books, or books containing what literary critics have said. Often the best way to start is to talk with a research librarian at the university library; these
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Final Paper Directions and Topics - PAPER 2: RESEARCH...

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