320 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE - Police deception Miranda v...

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PLSC 320 Study Guide Midterm Exam: Fall 2010 Dr. Susan Mezey Due Process and Incorporation : "Shock the conscience" test Incorporation Due process clause of the 14th Amendment Wolf v. Colorado Mapp v. Ohio Rochin v. California Exclusionary Rule: Deterrence Judicial integrity "Good faith" exception Cost-benefit analysis U.S. v. Leon Herring v. U.S. 5th Amendment: Self-incrimination Testimonial evidence Non-testimonial evidence Custody Interrogation "Public safety exception" "Cat out of the bag" theory Police-dominated (coercive) atmosphere Voluntary and intelligent waiver of right against self-incrimination Station house questioning "General on the scene investigation"
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Unformatted text preview: Police deception Miranda v. Arizona Rhode Island v. Innis Illinois v. Perkins New York v. Quarles Moran v. Burbine Oregon v. Elstad Missouri v. Seibert United States v. Patane Berghuis v. Thompkins 8th Amendment : Cruel and unusual punishment "Evolving standards of decency" National consensus McCleskey v. Kemp Thompson v. Oklahoma Stanford v. Kentucky Atkins v. Virginia Roper v. Simmons Jury Selection Procedure: Voir dire Peremptory challenge Challenge for cause Qualms about the death penalty Death-qualified juries Racial peremptory challenge Batson v. Kentucky Witherspoon v. Illinois Lockhart v. McCree...
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  • Spring '08
  • Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States Supreme Court cases, Peremptory challenge Challenge, 14th Amendment Wolf, peremptory challenge Batson, exception Cost-benefit analysis

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320 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE - Police deception Miranda v...

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