320 STUDY GUIDE FINAL EXAM - Case Atkins v Virginia 2 SIXTH...

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Political Science 320: Fall 2010 Study Guide: Final Exam Dr. Susan Mezey FOURTH AMENDMENT: SEARCH AND SEIZURE Terms Legitimate expectation of privacy Probable cause to search Exceptions to the warrant requirement Search incident to arrest exception Automobile exception "Inherently mobile" Closed containers Cases Chimel v. California U.S. v. Robinson New York v. Belton Knowles v. Iowa Thornton v. U.S. Arizona v. Gant Carroll v. U.S.* Chambers v. Moroney U.S. v. Chadwick Arkansas v. Sanders Robbins v. California U.S. v. Ross California v. Acevedo EIGHTH AMENDMENT: Terms mental retardation mitigating circumstance
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Unformatted text preview: Case: Atkins v. Virginia 2 SIXTH AMENDMENT: RIGHT TO COUNSEL Terms "Special circumstances" test Effective assistance of counsel Deficiency of performance Prejudice "Adversarial testing" Cases Powell v. Alabama Betts v. Brady Gideon v. Wainwright Douglas v. California* Argersinger v. Hamlin Scott v. Illinois* Faretta v. California Ross v. Moffitt Indiana v. Edwards * U.S. v. Cronic Strickland v. Washington Nix v. Whiteside* * Cases marked with an asterisk (*) will be based on class discussion and will be on the multiple choice part of the test only....
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320 STUDY GUIDE FINAL EXAM - Case Atkins v Virginia 2 SIXTH...

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