320-F10 Syllabus

320-F10 Syllabus - Political Science 320: Fall 2010...

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Political Science 320: Fall 2010 Dr. Susan Mezey, J.D., Ph.D. Constitutional Law: Due Process Office: 328 Coffey Hall, 8-3055 TTh: 10:00-11:15 Office Hours: T, Th: 1:30-3:00 415 Mundelein Center and by appointment E-mail: smezey@luc.edu This course examines the criminal justice system and the role of the Supreme Court in determining procedural due process rights. Specific topics include self-incrimination, search and seizure, the right to counsel, jury selection, and the death penalty. Texts Weinreb, Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice (2010). Walker, Eligible for Execution: The Story of the Daryl Atkins Case (2009). Selected cases (citations included below). Additional material may be posted on Blackboard or available through Lexis PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SYLLABUS REFLECTS THE PAGES IN THE 2010 EDITION; THE CASES WILL BE DISCUSSED IN THE ORDER LISTED ON THE SYLLABUS. Exams There will be a midterm and final exam based on the reading material and class discussion. If you do not have a valid documented excuse for missing an exam, you will receive a "0"; no make-up exam will be given without such an excuse. Exams will consist of at least one essay question and a multiple choice component. You may use your casebook (and printed cases) during the essay portion of the exam; you may not use your notebook during any part of the exam. With adequate notice, I reserve the right to change the date of the midterm exam. Class Participation Students are expected to be current with the reading assignments and contribute to the class discussions. Absences will be calculated as part of the class participation grade. Only two absences are allowed before the participation grade is affected; frequent late arrivals will be counted as absences. Research Paper The paper assignment consists of a 10-page research paper on a topic related to the subject matter of the course (see suggested topics below); your topic must be approved by me in advance. Your paper may not be based on
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320-F10 Syllabus - Political Science 320: Fall 2010...

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