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C&RCh4 - East why did one occur?” 5 What is a war...

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PLSC 300D: Scientific Study of War Melin Discussion Questions C&R, Chapter 4: The Six Day War 1. To which of the long term causes do the authors give the most credibility? Do you agree? 2. What were the main issues that characterized the enduring rivalry between Israel and the Arab? 3. What is the doctrine of self reliance? Is this a classical example of a bilateral arms race? 4. “If no one anticipated, or for that matter even wanted, a major war in the Middle
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Unformatted text preview: East, why did one occur?” 5. What is a war of vulnerability? Is this an example? Why or why not? 6. Might any systems theories be applied to this war? Why or why not? 7. In what ways did the alliances described in this chapter create a security dilemma? 8. As there are still tensions in many of the dyads discussed in this chapter & you now understand the causes of the conflicts, how might these tensions be erased?...
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