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PLSC 300D: Scientific Study of War Melin Discussion Questions C&R, Chapter 7: The Iraq War 1. C&R claim (in reference to the Bush administration), “It is difficult, though not impossible, to believe that other presidents and other administrations would have chosen the same course of action given the circumstances.” Do you agree? 2. Explanations of this war differ greatly from others. Why is it that long term causes seem irrelevant? 3. What is a “protorivalry” and how does it apply to this conflict? 4. Who were the key decision makers in the Bush administration’s foreign policy
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Unformatted text preview: team, what were their positions, and how did they feel about going to war? (You will not be asked this for a quiz but need to know it for the midterm and discussion.) 5. What were the 5 main errors in the NIE? 6. How might structural conditions in the international system have made war more likely? 7. Who are the “Vulcans” and how are they similar? 8. What role did perceptions play in this war? 9. Do you agree with C&R’s assessment of the causes of the Iraq war? Why or why not?...
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