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Foreign Gods - stopped sleeping with her went to oracle and...

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Foreign Gods, The Mother The Bendis The Bendis Comes from Thrace, seems like Artemis, huntress characterisitics, another goddess that was incorporated into Greek life. The Mother Central Greece, big lions, symbols, foreign, incorporated into Athens as a goddess. The Metroon established for her, also was for archives. Classical period. Helllenistic Religion Rise of Macedonia Philip II North of Greece King Philip II 356 Olympic Victor Enters chariot race in Greece and wins, King Philip, puts his face and chariot into coins, tries to make himself Greece. Philip’s Wives-Philip was a monogamist Philinna of Larissa Arrhidaios 357 Olympias, Epirus Alexander-mother of Alexander, face on coin. Met on the island of Thamocrace. Cleopatra Alexander After murder of Philip, takes of Kingship. Philip takes over Greece, Alexanders quest to take over the known world.
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Oracle at Siwah A time before Alexander was born Philip saw a snake with her,
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Unformatted text preview: stopped sleeping with her went to oracle and told to sacrifice to Ammon. Thus Alexander was told that he was a demi-god fo Zeus. Alexander goes to Siwa and personally finds out that he was son of Zeus. Zeus Ammon Ram horns, big beard, clay seal. Alexander Post-death representation Shown similar to Zeus Ammon with ram horns. Hellenistic Period (323-31 BC) Begins the year Alexander dies, Ends in 31 BC after battle of Actium. Hellas- Greece Hellene-a Greek Hellenic-Greek Hellenistic- Greeksih The Route of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World 240 BC Conquered up until India, huge growth, after death the occupation was split. Major Changes Kingdoms v city-states Focus east and west of Greece Athens powerless intellectual center New Opportunities Beginnings of bureaucracy Mercenaries Women have more freedom Spread of Greek culture Influence of non-Greeks Religious syncretism...
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Foreign Gods - stopped sleeping with her went to oracle and...

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