April 27 - Promoting human rights promotes the overall...

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April 27 The articles on human rights vs article 2.7 Cultural relativists vs. universalists Fgm – female genitalia mutilation Political vs. economic rights Economic – right to work, compensation, leiser Sometimes political and economic rights might clash This is very apparent in the issue of child labor Enforcement International criminal court International court of justice Regional courts European court of human rights Interamerican court of human rights Alien talk statute – this was updated in the 1990s Today it is called the torture prevention act Un security council can impose sanctions and take actions Un security council has imposed sanctions on south Africa because of its apartheid International laws about human rights are sought to be enforced to create an international climate supporting human rights Usa oftentimes hosts summits on human rights Like usa holding a conference on women’s rights, on child labor, on freedom of religion
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Unformatted text preview: Promoting human rights promotes the overall objective of international security INTERNATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Much of international environmental law is soft law as opposed to hard laws Form of declarations, principles Environmental law is in its infancy Been around since greeks dumping lead in the ancient days and during the industrial revolution with the smog Environmental problems that are incremental Global warming Climate change Overfishing Soil erosion deforestation Accidents happen that are sudden – these sudden incidents have a huge impact on the environment Chernobyl Exxon valdez oil spill Nagaskai Stockholm conference Principal 21 - States are responsible that activities with in their jursidiciton does not cause damage to other states Principal 22 – liability and compensation Argument of sovereignty cannot be used to escape liability...
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April 27 - Promoting human rights promotes the overall...

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