march 25 - Essay State you research question clearly...

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Essay State you research question clearly Analysis paper Sources – look at articles from law journals and books Divide material under subheadings In text citations Treaty system Chapter 8 of textbook Customary international law Most international laws are found in treaty form The Vienna convention on the law of treaties – says that a treaty is a written agreement between states. And a treaty creates obligations. different types of treaties – what is a treaty? A treaty is a written agreement. It might consist of more than one instrument and have several parts to it. International legal scholars say that we can classify treaties. Distinction between oral and written treaties. Oral vs. written treaties Oral treaties – representatives meet and come to an agreement, but it is not in treaty form. The question – are oral agreements valid? This was addressed in the Eastern Greenland Case – Norway and Denmark were staking the claim on Greenland. Told the court that Norway had agreed that eastern Greenland actually belonged to denmark. This was not written down, it was an oral agreement. The court said yes. This has obligations. The court ruled in favor of Denmark. Lawmaking vs. contractual treaties Lawmaking treaties – are those treaties that introduce legal principles or legal provisions that did not exist previously. Also called a rule making treaty. Air treaty? (find name of it) . The convention on the elimination of discrimination against women. – this treaty addressed the issue of gender equality directly. The refugee convention (the refouler provision)
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march 25 - Essay State you research question clearly...

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